Placing your vehicle for auction

Please review the following Terms and Conditions of placing your vehicle for auction with Regina Auto Auction.

Terms and Conditions

Regina Auto Auction requires the following from any persons consigning a vehicle for auction:

1.  Must provide proof of ownership by providing consignor’s driver’s license and EITHER: 1. your latest provincial registration OR 2. a bill of sale and a $35 CarProof search fee payable to Regina Auto Auction Ltd. for the RAA required CarProof search to verify the ownership status of the vehicle.

2.  Must complete a Consignment Declaration stating:

A.  the vehicle description,
B.  any significant information regarding the condition of the vehicle as well as declarations of transmission problems,
C.  total losses and safety issues, out-of-province registration, and
D.  any liens that may be held against the vehicle.

3.  If your vehicle is out of province or has been a total loss you must provide documentation from SGI to confirm that it has been certified to be registered and roadworthy in Saskatchewan. If not, then Regina Auto Auction must inform the public that this needs to be done.

4.  You must remove your license plate from the vehicle after you have booked it in with the Auction. Do not cancel your plates until the vehicle sells.

5.  When your vehicle sells, Regina Auto Auction will issue you a cheque in the amount the vehicle sold for less commission and a lien search fee ($15) and any other fees agreed to – such as washing and/or cleaning your vehicle. Cheques are issued the following Wednesday.

6.  If you require a specific dollar value from the sale of your vehicle you are required to attend the sale to represent your vehicle. If you cannot be in attendance to represent your vehicle you must have someone here on your behalf. You or your representative must approach the ring men well in advance of your vehicle entering the sale ring (ideally before the auction starts), identify yourself and your vehicle and provide your dollar requirement on the vehicle. The auctioneer has the authority to sell any vehicle when the bid is within $200 of the seller’s reserve price. If you do not have representation at the sale your vehicle will be sold unreserved.

7.  Your vehicle will be placed through a second and third sale if it does not sell at the first sale with all the same conditions applicable. YOUR RESERVE PRICE DOES NOT CARRY OVER TO SECOND AND THIRD SALES. If you choose to remove your vehicle at any point before the end of the third sale you are immediately required to pay to Regina Auto Auction the buyback fee and vehicle run fee as referenced below in 8. 

8.  If your vehicle does not sell through the third sale then you are required to pay to Regina Auto Auction a buyback fee of $200 plus GST to recover your vehicle. You will also be charged a fee of $15 per sale/vehicle run fee. Your vehicle must be removed from our compound by noon on the Friday following the sale or a storage fee of $25 per day will be applicable.

9.  Vehicles should be in starting and running condition to drive through the sale. If vehicle requires additional attention (fuel, excessive boosting, etc.), the owner may be subject to surcharge.

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